折りたたみ式トートバッグ 広げたトートバッグ Somecoとトートバッグ



その手軽さは “使う楽しさ” を与えてくれます。














その便利さや、手軽なお洒落の面白さには、必ず “小さなエコ” がついてきます。





On my tie-up handle “Someco”


Someco is a handle attachable to your favorite fabrics and tote bags.


(eco)….. Someco has a uniquely reusable function.
Based on your own design, this single handle could create a variety of customized bags.
You can transform brand-name scarf and antique tablecloth
into your own original bags immediately.


“Furoshiki” is a traditional Japanese bundle handkerchief.
Not only is this used for carrying things, it can also become the rug and clothing.
People choose the right material and size from high-quality silk to strong cotton
according to the use of the handkerchief.


There are various ways to tie and bundle the Furoshiki.
With its highly artistic beautiful shapes,
final objects coming out of the Furoshiki always attract people’s attention.


Someco can create a bag that makes the most out of this beauty of tying.
Depending on where you tie, the size of the bag changes,
which creates a numerous ways of enjoying the use.


You can attach Someco to many different things.
If you tie it to your daily eco bag, Someco makes it look very differently.
Putting Someco together with a novelty bag also makes it somehow exclusive.


There are countless ways of Someco usage – it’s up to the creativities and
ideas generated by its users.


Enjoying eco in a fashionable manner leads to a fashionable eco-friendly lifestyle.
I hope you discover something eco….with Someco.